Website Development

E-Commerce or E-Portfolio

Are you an established brick & mortar store without an online presence? Or a photographer that wants others to see your portfolio.

Whatever your online needs are, we can fill them. Anything from a simple blog or a photographer's portfolio, to a full-scale online shop with customer end accounts, carts, & payment processing.


With the rise of the mobile era, you can't afford to lose mobile traffic!

At Digiton Design, we build responsively. So no matter what device your visitor are on, you can be sure that they'll get the whole picture



Give them something to come back for

Whoever your website is targeting, you want your audience to be sticking around. Stuff like user accounts, Popups (when used in moderation), can make them interact & come back. Using email marketing & push notifications can turn visitors into regulars.

The Technical Side

So let's look at the options, & there are a lot of them.

First, you have to decide what type of site you need. Is it going to be a portfolio for an offline business? Or will you need the ability to sell your products online? What about customer accounts?

If you already know (or at least have a general idea of) what you want in a site, then you can go ahead & contact me about setting up hosting & getting your site on the web.

If you're new to the web, you might want to set up a free consultation about what would best fit your needs.

Site Path

Let me walk you through the basics using an everyday comparison



I'll compare your website to the house or apartment you live in.

Your Website domain is like your street address. Your website domain will start with http:// or https://

Your server is where your website actually "resides". Your server is like door to your site that all visitors have to go through.

Your site host is like your Landlord (if you rent). They are the ones who rent you your home on the web.

Now the meat

Your website development experience starts with the hosting you choose. Hosting providers vary in what they offer, as well as pricing, so don't assume that just because one is right for someone else means it is right for you. The right host will be fast, capable, & have as little down time as possible, as well as allow you to work with your developer efficiently.

Your Domain is your site name (i.e. So you want it to be short, descriptive, & easy to remember. You will rent your domain for a (usually yearly) fee from your hosting provider.

The hosting specifications for your site will vary by the site host and the plan you pick. Some great things to look for would be at least 99.9% uptime, SSD (Solid State Drive) Storage, & caching. If you're going to be running an online store, you will probably want the ability to have an SSL Certificate to improve customer trust.

Your Hosting platform (i.e. WordPress) will also effect what your options are. My preferred hosting platform is WordPress, but we'll get into that when we discuss your options.